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    Our Frequently Asked Questions:

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    How expensive are your websites?

    Our websites can start as little as £200 and work all the way up to £8000 and more. It totally depends on the requirements and what functionality the website needs. The more complexity the more expensive.

    How long do your websites take to build?

    We always give a month lead time for all of our websites this is to ensure deadlines can be met. You always have to allow time for the unknown to happen!

    How fast can you build me a logo?

    We typically take 1 week to build a logo, this is with it going through our dedicated process and giving the client the different formats they may require.

    Can we meet in person for a meeting?

    We actually prefer this method as it gives us chance to really get to know our client and understand their needs. We can also zoom if necessary depending on where you are in the UK.

    Do I still own my domain if you build me a website?

    We can’t stress this enough, you will always own your own domain. We will never have ownership of the domain we will only help manage it on our servers.

    I don’t understand SEO can you explain it to me?

    With all of our services we go in depth and explain everything there is to know and how we can help you. This is known as our discovery stage.