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“In 2019, disheartened by the exorbitant costs and lacklustre services offered by traditional agencies, I founded TheDenn. My vision was simple: to revolutionise wordpress website development by offering affordable, high-quality solutions that breathe new life into online experiences. Since then, TheDenn has been committed to providing personalised, reliable services that puts our clients first, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.”

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Harrison Buck — Founder & CEO
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Our selection of services

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WordPress Website Services

Bespoke WordPress
Website Development

Here at TheDenn, we are all about crafting bespoke experiences for your client base. With our wordpress website development skills we can make sure your business stands out from the crowd. We help business across the UK, from Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle all the way down to Birmingham, London, Brighton and further. 

WordPress Website
Design Services

For over 5 years we have been developing our meticulous website design process to make sure you have everything you need to stand out from your competitors.

A research study from Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab  showed that 46.1% stated a websites design is their number 1 criteria for credibility when using that business. That is why it is so important to make sure your website is as visually stunning as your business.

Website Hosting & Emails

We offer a very competitive website hosting plan as-well as providing internal email solutions. Not to worry however, if you are using Microsoft Exchange or Google Workspace, we can easily integrate your existing email providers onto our servers with little downtime. 

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Local Search Engine Optimisation Services

It’s important to understand you won’t be found on google by just making a few pages on a website and no optimisation. 

To be found in your local area takes time and patience but most importantly it takes specialists like us to tap into keyword areas where there isn’t any competition and take over.

Local SEO Services - TheDenn

Topic Specific Blog Writing For Search Engine Optimisation

Being able to write a blog is one thing. Being able to write a blog that is optimised and has the potential to rank is where we come in. 

Using cutting edge SEO software we target and adapt all of our blogs to have the best possible chance of ranking and turning your visitors into conversions.

Blog Writing Service - SEO

National Search Engine Optimisation Services

National SEO services work slightly different to local SEO. We typically offer this service to businesses that need to reach a national audience. 

Our bespoke SEO services allows you to be seen in front of everyone up and down the United Kingdom, thus increasing the traffic to your site. 

National SEO - TheDenn Services
Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Management Services

One of the most complex services to get right, why? because it takes planning and understanding of multiple sectors to make sure the content is intended and delivered to the right people.

If you are a business owner that simply does not have the time to handle your social platforms, think smart. Start working on your business rather than in it, let us do the heavy work.

Bespoke Logo Designs

Bespoke logo designs is one service we excel in. Anyone can make a logo online but only a select few people can make a logo that will be timeless, memorable and relevant.

These are three key factors you need to consider when building the face of your brand.

Web Hosting TheDenn

Website hosting made simple & affordable.

  • Ultra Fast Servers
  • Technical Support
  • Improved Website Security

At TheDenn, we prioritise not only affordability but also performance, security, and support. Our hosting services are designed to deliver lightning-fast website speeds, ensuring that your visitors have a seamless browsing experience. With robust security measures in place, including regular malware scans and SSL certificates, you can trust that your website and data are always protected.

Additionally, our team of technical experts is available to provide personalised support and assistance whenever you need it. Whether you have questions about setting up your website or need help troubleshooting an issue, we’re here to ensure that your online presence remains smooth and hassle-free.

Join us today and experience hosting that offers faster speeds, improved security, and dedicated technical support—all at an affordable price. Let us help you take your website to the next level.

What’s the secret to our success?

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Our tailored process

From the initial introduction, THE DENN will always be on hand to help develop your business or brand, no matter the size, offering or marketing objectives. We will be there throughout your entire marketing journey, from planning and creative content, right through to our wordpress website development and management.

wordpress website development
The Idea

We will make sure we outline all of the details of the project so there is a clear end goal.

wordpress website development
The Craft

This stage we will start to piece together the idea and create the vision you desire.

wordpress website development
The Execute

Execution stage is crucial, we will make sure the project is launched without problems.

wordpress website development
The Launch

The most important stage, the launch. We will complete our final checks to guarantee completion.

Our case studies.

Browse our bespoke wordpress website development, if you find something that you might like, get in touch.

Door Engineers - TheDenn Client
Door Engineers

Door Engineers are a newly established business that specialise in commercial door supply and installation.

Time To Float - TheDenn Client - Website Development
Time To Float

Time To Float are the longest floatation therapy centre in the west midlands that help with mental and physical health.

wordpress website development The Print Box - TheDenn Client - Website Development
The Print Box

The Print Box, based in Four Ashes offer vehicle graphics, workwear, signage and print services to rebrand your business.

HDCREPS - TheDenn Client - Website Development

HDCreps a Hednesford based business repairing worn out shoes back to their original state.

Making your web development applications come to life with our wordpress website development

Discover more about our solutions and how you can benefit from being a total boss, by giving us a call. We’d love to chat!

Our Frequently Asked Questions:

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How expensive are your websites?

Our websites can start as little as £200 and work all the way up to £8000 and more. It totally depends on what the requirements and what functionality the website needs. The more complexity the more expensive.

How long do your websites take to build?

We always give a month lead time for all of our websites this is to ensure deadlines can be met. You always have to allow time for the unknown to happen!

How fast can you build me a logo?

We typically take 1 week to build a logo, this is with it going through our dedicated process and giving the client the different formats they may require.

Can we meet in person for a meeting?

We actually prefer this method as it gives us chance to really get to know our client and understand their needs. We can also zoom if necessary depending on where you are in the UK.

Do I still own my domain if you build me a website?

We can’t stress this enough, you will always own your own domain. We will never have ownership of the domain we will only help manage it on our servers.

I don’t understand SEO can you explain it to me?

With all of our services we go in depth and explain everything there is to know and how we can help you. This is known as our discovery stage.